Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had a rendezvous with an isolated blank phase of leisure,
when hovering thoughts disrupted my pleasure; and overpowered by a sense of laze, I have had a rendezvous with solitude...when it all seemed to captivate me in a daze.

It is my ‘dream’, who helds my hand,
And leads me silently to some wondrous land;
I close my eyes to quench my thought,

I have a rendezvous with solitude -

Clueless yet, what happiness, it, to me had brought.

‘Me’ and ‘Thou’, clad in white, sat across, face to face,
As ‘Thou’ s at me, ‘I’ can have my eyes fixed in a gaze.


  1. OMG Leena!!!!! you are back. I am so happy . When 'thou and me'your blog name appeared with fresh posts I didnt pay attention. Girl I'v been wondering about you and came back every month hoping you comeback.

    I havent even read what you've written just wanted to say first a big 'Hi' and welcome back and dont go missin again.

    I am going through a rough patch myself in life and go missing but now not more than a few days. This blog of mine sustains me. I hope it helps you too.

  2. Come back Leens! Dont let life or him pull you dowm..come back girl.